About Us

The Company

Andrew Paint Pakistan with its modern, world class manufacturing facility in Islamabad has a dominant share in Industrial and Aero Space coating business and is enjoying steady growth in decorative, refinish and architectural coating markets.

With the establishment of Andrew Paints in Islamabad Pakistan, Andrew has introduced a whole range of products including top coats, aero space coatings, refinish and decorative products. Andrew’s decorative products were launched in 2007. Our decorative products include emulsions for interior and exterior, enamels, pre-deco products, wood finish and texture paints. Unmatched quality and unique services set Andrew apart from its competitors in the paint industry.

Our protective coatings have a wide variety of applications across diverse industrial sectors. In the following areas we offer exceptional levels of technological proficiency, product supremacy and devoted technical field support:

  • Infrastructure projects
  • Oil and gas installations
  • Water and power
  • Manufacturing and maintenance facilities
  • Safety and security of our personnel

We are not just a paint producer - we offer our customers complete solutions that start from customer need to customer satisfaction. We have a diverse portfolio of products across segments with technology back-up and our dedicated resources are continuously engaged with the customers to provide line and site servicing. It is because of these characteristics that we are able to provide customized solutions for each customer.

The local manufacturing of aerospace and high performance coatings has created direct and indirect employment for over 500 families nationwide.

Mission Statement

Our corporate mission is to contribute to society by providing eco-friendly and value added coating materials and services that satisfy our customers.


Synchronizing business and environmental conservation, the company promotes its nationwide activities by developing high quality, high performance, and low-cost coating products with new functionality, and aims to be the leading, most trusted company in the Pakistan.